The Pegasus "Rising Stars" Program is a full-day, two-week theatre camp for students entering grades 7-9. Beginners and veterans of the stage will immerse themselves in the dramatic arts.

Daily workshops will challenge you to stretch your imagination, build your acting skills and collaborate with your fellow actors. During each session, actors will work with an experienced director to create and perform a production in our professional theatre facilities.

Though the focus is on the ultimate performance, there are occasional non-acting challenges, games, and activities led by Pegasus Counselors to help break the ice and build a cohesive team of actors and crew. As opening day arrives, the workshops become crucial rehearsal time. During each session, the anticipation builds as the show takes shape. Those who are interested in being involved in a production, but not as an actor on stage are encouraged to join as well! 

The house is filling and the courtain is about to rise. Come be a part of another exciting season of Pegasus "Rising Stars" theatre!

The "Rising Stars" fee of $410 per session includes lunch.



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