FORENSICS: Murder at the Toy Store




Four fathers got into a fight over the last X-Box inside the new Ladue Best
Buy. One father obtained the videogame system and checked out while the other
fathers argued over the actual possession of the system. The father that
purchased the system walked into the parking lot and attempted to place the bag
into his car. The throng of fathers followed the one individual to his car.
Ten minutes later, the man that purchased the system was found dead outside his
pimped out 2003 Cadillac Escalade with 20” rims and tinted windows. The X Box
itself was missing, but the actual packaging was found on the other side of the
car. After the LPD searched the premises, a bloody knife was found in the
bushes near the exit of the parking lot. The knife blade had a substantial
amount of blood on it as well as the murderer’s partial fingerprints. An
exhaustive search turned up a bloody footprint in the near! by, almost dry mud. A
portion of a plaid coat was found in the murder victim’s hand. This portion of
the coat could be fiber tested. In addition, an autopsy turned up skin
underneath the fingernails of the victim. This skin could be used for DNA



Content created by Rob Joyce, Ric Fridman, and Andy Bardot