FORENSICS: Murder at the Toy Store



Welcome to "Murder at the Toy Store" an interactive forensics mystery. You will be able to read about the events that unfolded at the Toy Store as well as look through evidence and suspects. There will be several activities for you to complete to help aid you in nabbing the right criminal. Please make sure you try your hardest on these activities, they will help you catch this slippery criminal.

You should start off by reading the background information to discover what occured to the best of our knowledge. Once you have read the different accounts of what happened, and you think you have an idea of what might have gone on, read through the evidence. After you have read through the evidence, you should complete the activities that relate to the various pieces of evidence so you can better understand the evidence; the activities will help you identify who committed the crime. After you have completed all of the activities you should view the list of suspects, as well as all the information we could find on them. Between the information found at the crime scene, and the activities, you should be able to discover who is guilty. Once you have decided who is guilty you can click on Whodunnit? to find out who the guilty person is and why.

Good Luck!



Content created by Rob Joyce, Ric Fridman, and Andy Bardot