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  Alcoholism is the #1 drug problem in America.

Alcohol can cause many driving related accidents. 50% of all accidents are alcohol related. Every 30 minutes someone dies from an alcohol related accident. Here are some statistics.

Total killed in alcohol related accidents
2000            17,380        41%
        2001           17,448         41%       

In 1996, 1,467,300 arrests were made from driving under the influence of alcohol. Every year since then the amount of arrests has gone up at least 5,000 people.

  Every year, individuals watch, see, or listen to over 1,000 commercials for beer and wine. These same individuals hear or see about at least 1,500 alcohol related incidients on top of hearing these commercials.

Over 15 million americans are alcohol dependent, 500,000 of them are from the ages of 9 to 12.

56% of all people in the grades 5-12 say that they are encouraged to drink because of all the advertising that they see.

**FACT** Every year over 5.5 billion dollars is spent on alcohol by students which is more than soft drinks, tea, coffee, juice, or their books combined.

 Average americans drink over 25 gallons of beer, 2 gallons of wine, and 1.5 gallons of distilled spirits like vodka or whiskey every year.

Alcohol inustries spend over 2 billion dollars every year advertising their products to the people.

Many people of all ages are dependent on alcohol.

One out of every four americans is admitted to a hospital once in their lidetime do to alcohol related incidents.

One in every thirteen adults abuse alcohol or suffer from alcoholism.

There were 26,552 deaths in the United States  from Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis.

Sixty-two percent of Americans ages 18 and over have drank alcohol in the past year.

Sixty-one percent of men 18-24 years and 42 percent of women had 5 or more drinks on the same

Alcohol depresses your central nervous system by acting as a sedative.

Alcohol relaxes you and reduces your inhibitions.
This is the most popular type of beer among individuals from the ages of 20-35.

Bye bye.

Facts on Alcoholism

National Institute of Alcoholics Abusing Alcohol (NIAAA)

Alcoholics Anonymous (This is an organization.)